Luxury villa

The perfect luxury villas may be waiting for you no matter which corner of the world you wish to see.
From the theme-park mecca of Florida, to historic sites in Europe and spacious tropical retreats in Asia.

We will be happy to provide more information helpful in planning your stay.

Villa Tropez - Sleep 12-16Many people spend a great deal of time planning an annual vacation, investing a lot of thought and effort in choosing the right destination.
Accommodations, however, are often part of a travel package, and in some areas can be crowded, noisy, and the opposite of relaxing.
Next time consider a luxury villa, which is simply a private residence opened to rental by a limited number of vacationers.
Before discarding this idea as far too expensive, understand that while most of these come with a higher price, they also can comfortably house
more people than a single hotel room. When divided among the total numbers in a party, the overall cost is often about the same as the same stay
at a mid-range hotel. This type of rental can be ideal for family occasions where everyone is travelling together, such as an out-of-town wedding or
similar celebration. Rentals differ by region, but all have similar advantages. Because they are private homes, luxury vacation rentals are often kept
in much better condition than comparably priced hotels. Even the most opulent hotels must constantly clean up simply to maintain an attractive and livable
appearance. Many of these homes belong to people who have simply invested in high-end property, but do not actually live there full time, but have a staff
to keep everything in pristine shape.
Villa-in-South-of-France-Bastide-du-Luberon- sleep 8-10

Most rentals in warmer climates have private swimming pools. Sharing the pool with a crowd of noisy kids is the opposite of relaxation, and being able to
lounge in privacy is worth the cost. This does not mean that children are not allowed, however. While there are some rentals that will not allow kids, many are child-friendly, and are totally suitable in terms of privacy and sleeping areas.

Many times there are enough bedrooms for each child to have his or her own.

Some of these homes feature live-in managers, which can be very helpful not only in keeping things in tip-top condition, but also in making suggestions on
the best places to visit and dine locally. These people are there to limit your vacation stress, and can even arrange tours or point out the best places to shop.
Some high-end facilities have a full-time chef, which sounds expensive, but can actually save money when compared to eating in restaurants.