In this global age of travel, a human face as Tami is a genuinely refreshing and irreplaceable travel resource.

There is no substitute for her quick and thoughtful turnaround, personal consideration, invaluable skills and knowledge. Tami is extremely resourceful, patient, creative and responsive.

Her offerings are always price effective and time sensitive. I do all my personal and professional travels with Tami — and recommend her to all my colleagues near and far.

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Gallya Lahav, Ph.D.



Riu Playa Blanca -Panama City  If you are looking for a travel agent who will make every effort to find you the perfect vacation, go with Tami! She helped us find a romantic getaway, took care of  the shuttle to the hotel and the day trips, so that all we had to do was to arrive and enjoy!

She is patient, available and helpful. Very recommended!
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Ariella Drori


I hired Tami services because I wanted to get  tickets from a reliable place. Tami always researches for many possibilities and she gives me so many options that are much better then the websites.
I know that if I’m stuck somewhere I can always contact her to help me and that’s very important as I travel a lot.
I have purchased tickets to many locations all over the world.Hotel peter Moscow

The last purchase was a ticket to Israel through Russia.
Tami arranged the stay in Moscow, the hotel was fabulous and the stay was wonderful.

I always recommend and will continue to recommend Tami ‘s services. She is the best!!

Ossi mach



אוקטובר 2015

שכרנו את שירותיה של תמי אחרי היכרות ארוכת שנים עם יכולותיה המקצועיות והאישיות

Noa NY תמי עזרה לנו בכל שלבי התכנון, הזמנת הטיסות ובתי המלון וטיפול בשכירת רכב, תוך היותה קשובה לאופי הטיול


   וגם לאורך הטיול עצמו – הייתה זמינה בכל עת ותמיד דאגה להיות מעודכנת עם הפרטים החשובים לפי הצורך. בחופשתנו האחרונה נהנינו מאוד, הרבה בזכותה של תמי

 ולכן גם את טיולנו הבא, הפעם לניוזילנד שמתוכנן  בימים אילה, ויצא לפועל בעוד חודש, אנו נעזרים במקצוענות של תמי



ישראלה טיטלבוים



Tami is a very responsible and dedicated person. She is always helpful, professional and efficient and it is very pleasant to work with her as she is always

 available and informative. I have been working with Tami for years and I have confidence in her abilities to always provide us with the best price for the itinerary. SR






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Published in Yediot America , April 2015